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Fic: Fridge

Title: Fridge
Author/Artist: [personal profile] lonespark
Prompt: 06, "Fever"
Rating: R for horror (Fridge Horror! Ha!)
Character/s: Archer, Robin, Guy. Marian, Meg, and Ghislaine are, uh...referenced...
Pairing/s: None here, canon pairings implied...
Summary: There are older and creepier things than leftovers in Guy of Gisborne's fridge.
Warnings: Creepiness, misogyny, crack
Word Count: 238
Disclaimer: I don't own them, BBC and Tiger Aspect do. If I did own them, the fridge would be empty.
Author's/Artist's Notes: Here, have some Brothers Three meta-crack. I blame the RH writers, and shinysparks. This is unbetaed, and I hope I haven't inadvertently plagiarized it, because obviously this has been thought of before...

Tossing in bed as he struggled against fever, Archer was dreaming.

He was at Locksley, with Guy and Robin, and it was clearly Guy's place, judging by the decor. They were drinking ale, from strange small metal barrels. When they ran out, Robin told him to go get more from the "fridge." Archer didn't recognize that word, but Robin said it was a large box that kept things cold, and as he stepped into the larder he noticed a box-shape as tall as he was, with a door on the front.

He pulled on the handle, hoping to find more of the little beer kegs, but when he saw inside he screamed. The box seemed to be bigger on the inside than it had appeared, and there were women in it. Dead women. On shelves.

The brunette in front was fresh-faced and buxom. Her open blue eyes seemed to stare accusingly at him, and the front of her white kameez was soaked with blood.

Behind her he glimpsed a round-faced redhead, her full lips upturned in a ghost of a smile. He couldn't see all of her, but puzzlingly, she seemed to be wounded in a similar manner.

And behind her...Archer gasped and ran from the room, wishing he could unsee... Was that really his mother? He was shaking and ready to retch when Robin intercepted him.

Guy scowled at both of them. "Dammit, Archer," he groused, "That was the wrong fridge!"
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Yikes! Not sure who's got the bigger issues here: Archer, for hallucinating this in the first place, or Guy, for inspiring Archer's hallucination...

I'm gonna go with both. ;)