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Aug. 15th, 2013

shinysparks: (Default)
[personal profile] shinysparks
Title: Loosen Your Tongues
Artist: [personal profile] shinysparks
Prompt: 12; bellows
Rating: G
Character/s: Guy
Summary: Guy gets Simpsonized.
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: I don't own or make money, bla-di-bla-di-bla...
A/N: Drawn in roughly two hours. Sketchbook Pro and Pixlr on a Samsung Galaxy Note. Not my best work. Also, I have a slight case of writer's block, too, so... yeah. This was all I could come up with. Guy... bellowing... *facepalm*

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jadey36: (Default)
[personal profile] jadey36
Title: No Need to Shout
Author: [personal profile] jadey36
Prompt: bellows
Rating: pg
Characters: Guy of Gisborne, Sheriff Vaisey
Summary: Guy is feeling a little worse for wear
Word Count: 412
Disclaimer: Robin Hood belongs to Tiger Aspect and the BBC. No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved.

No Need to Shout )