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Title: Curve
Author/Artist: [personal profile] railise
Prompt: #1: Sword
Rating: PG
Character/s: Robin
Pairing/s: mention of Robin/Marian
Summary: Robin's life, in the round (so to speak).
Word Count: 205
Disclaimer: Robin Hood and its version of characters are property the BBC, Tiger Aspect, Plain Vanilla Ltd., and any other respective rights holders-- of which I'm not one.

Robin liked curves.

As a boy, one of his favorite pastimes was weaving down the serpentine path through Locksley as he ran. Later, in Sherwood, a well-placed twist in the road was one of his top spots for setting up an ambush, a trick that had saved his life more than once in the Holy Land.

No matter his age, there was never anything quite like a nice, round loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven; a warm slice could instantly lift his spirits.

And as for women-- well, he had found many variations pleasing over the years, but nothing compared to the countours of Marian's body.

His bow, with its twin bends, fit him like another limb. His sword, on the other hand, had never been quite right. Oh, he could wield it effectively enough, and few could best him with it. Yet, it was not until he picked up what was to become his Saracen blade, that he realized that the weapon could feel so right. The arced steel seemed to dance as he swung his arm through the air.

Robin liked curves. He may not have liked the purpose some of those curves served, but when necessary, they served him well.
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Ooh, nice little insight into Robin's esthetics.
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Denial is where we live! ;)
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Very nice! Loved the theme.
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Oooh. Nice. (And I am all in agreement with Robin in the sword/knife department...if you want to cut things. Straight daggers for stabbing, generally...)
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Very nice! I like the misdirection--the first line makes you think it's going one way (and it does, in a way), but it ends up somewhere totally different.