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Hoodie Prompts: Index

This is an index of all fanworks created for Hoodie Prompts. New fanworks may be submitted for any of these prompts at any time. Please see the explanatory post for complete details.

Quick Links
1: Sword | 2: Fog | 3: Rumor and Truth quote | 4: Crumbs | 5: Bonus | 6: Fever | 7: Tide | 8: Genius | 9: Hedge-maze image | 10: Perfume | 11: Color | 12: Bellows | 13: Cage image | 14: Beggar | 15: Fair | 16: Hour | 17: Stagger | 18: Violet | 19: Second Chance | 20: Look Closely | 21: Visitor | 22: Could've Gone Better

Series from Hoodie Prompts
Outlaw Guy by [personal profile] jadey36 | Curses! by [personal profile] shinysparks

Prompt 1: Sword
  • La Di Da Di, Ouch!, by [personal profile] jadey36: A mini-story to a screenshot from "The Taxman Cometh". Warning: A tad smutty.

  • Loss, by [personal profile] verjulesia: Guy has lost the things that matter most. Warning: Mentions canon character death.

  • Curve, by [personal profile] railise: Robin's life, in the round (so to speak).

Prompt 2: Fog

Prompt 3: "Rumor travels faster, but it don't stay put as long as truth."
  • Hard Truth, by [personal profile] jadey36: Everyone thinks they know better than the next man, but someone knows better than all of them.

  • Parley!, by [personal profile] shinysparks: Guy, Robin and Archer have a little chat while awaiting execution for piracy on the deck of a crusader ship during the Fourth Crusade (in other words, AU.)

Prompt 4: Crumbs

Prompt 5: Bonus

Prompt 6: Fever

Prompt 7: Tide

Prompt 8: Genius

Prompt 9: hedge-maze doorway (image)

Prompt 10: Perfume

Prompt 11: Color

Prompt 12: Bellows

Prompt 13: golden cage pendant (image)

Prompt 14: Beggar

Prompt 15: Fair

Prompt 16: Hour

Prompt 17: Stagger

Prompt 18: Violet

Prompt 19: A second chance

Prompt 20: Look closely

Prompt 21: Visitor

Prompt 22: "That could have gone better..."

Series related to Hoodie Prompts

Outlaw Guy, by [personal profile] jadey36

1 – A Different Life

2 – Fitting In

3 – Falling Apart

4 – Back to Black

5 - A Glimmer of Hope

6 – Trapped

7 – Blood, Wine and Promises

8 - A Way Back

9 - Trust

10 - Getting It Right

11 - One of Us

Curses!, by [personal profile] shinysparks

1 - Curses!

2 - Licked

3 - Not For Sale

4 - Run For Your Life

5 - Snuggles the Cat

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