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Fic: In Troth

Title: In Troth
Author/Artist: [personal profile] lonespark
Prompt: 04, "Rumor travels faster..."
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Marian, OMC, Vaisey, Guy, reference to Robin
Pairing/s: Marian/OMC, reference to Marian/Robin
Summary: He hadn't wanted the sin in his heart to stain hers. He didn't know her as well as he thought.
Warnings: Allusions to internalized homophobia and suicide-by-Crusade
Word Count: 440
Disclaimer: I don't own them. (Except for Gilbert.) BBC and Tiger Aspect do. I just take them out of the box late at night...
Author's/Artist's Notes: Pre-S1 AU

The first time she read the letter, Marian screamed. The second time, she groaned through clenched teeth, and kicked her chair, and crumpled up the letter. Gilbert's letter.

Gilbert who was her husband. Gilbert who had always been sweet and gentle, kind-hearted, bright-eyed, and the most devoted of friends. He had visited Nottinghamshire after Robin had abandoned his home, and her. He'd thought to seek a life in the Church, but after she'd spoken of her untenable position as the unwed daughter of the sheriff's rival, they'd come to an arrangement.

The wedding was beautiful. They were radiant together, smiling, walking hand in hand... Of the wedding night, she had no complaints. Gilbert's embrace was always warm, and she'd looked forward to spending a lifetime learning to love one another.

Gilbert's letter said he'd gone to war. He'd left without goodbye and he would not be back. He didn't want the sin in his heart to taint hers, to touch their children... At first he hadn't minded. A marriage of convenience had seemed just the thing. But as the days and weeks passed by he realized that he loved her, and he saw the way her love for him was growing. He couldn't make her live with what he was.

Of course there had been rumors. But she couldn't fathom why he'd thought she'd care, or why he hadn't trusted her with honesty. As fierce as any other wish, she wanted to have told him who she was behind her mask.

In the end, she thought, perhaps he was just another foolish man, overly concerned with the honor he treasured most. It was so stupid, and so wasteful. She knew him well enough to know that he found war unpleasant. But perhaps soldiers were another matter, and she hoped he might at least have found some comfort somewhere, in a tent, in someone's arms.

Sheriff Vaisey with his insults always at the ready had tried the subject, once or twice, but failed. Unlike the offenses to her father and herself, this drew no heat, and no reply, after the first time. "I loved him and he died," she stated calmly, hating that she noticed Gisborne's naked interest in the subject. Hating that he was there, lurking, breathing, living with all his sins.

Gisborne might regret his many crimes and transgressions, while Vaisey might boast of his, and toast to them, and have them set to music...

But one mere ghost of an offense without victims had made her a widow and left her here, with no confessor for her own sins and secrets. With no companion to guard against wolves.