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lonespark: Suki in Kyoshi Warrior garb with two fans (Suki)
[personal profile] lonespark
Title: Conflict of Interest
Author/Artist: [personal profile] lonespark
Prompt: 05, "Bonus"
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Isabella, Meg, Guy, Vaisey, OMCs, The Night Watchman
Pairing/s: none, although this is a small section of a larger AU that will have characters getting together in twos and threes.
Summary: AU Isabella and Meg accept a mission.
Warnings: Allusions to noncon and forced marriage.
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: I don't own them. BBC and Tiger Aspect do. I just dress them up in black leather and make them all kiss.
Author's/Artist's Notes: Romayne and LadyKate63 provided valuable assistance as betas.
This is an AU that follows the show mostly up through 2x06, "For England," with notable exceptions: In this world, there exists a group called the Black Angels that helps survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, etc. (mostly through bloody revenge, when requested.) Isabella is a founding member, and Meg is her lieutenant.

Conflict of Interest )
shinysparks: (destruction and mayhem)
[personal profile] shinysparks
Title: Tension
Author: [personal profile] shinysparks
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Robin, Archer, Guy
Pairing: hints at Guy/Robin
Summary: Archer brings up the unresolved sexual tension between Guy and Robin.
Warnings: Crack!
Word Count: 273
Disclaimer: I don't own or make money off of this, I just torment the characters for cheap laughs, bla-di-bla-di-bla...
Author's Notes: Thanks to the lovely [personal profile] thymelady for betaing this drabble. <3

“You know, they say when two men lust after the same woman, it’s usually a way to cover the fact that they’re secretly in love with each other.” Said Archer, smirking... )
shinysparks: (Sexy Alone Time)
[personal profile] shinysparks
Title: The Cake is a Lie
Author/Artist: [personal profile] shinysparks
Prompt: #4; crumbs
Rating: PG-13 (profanity)
Character/s: Guy of Gisborne, Meg, random priests/monks/nuns, Evil Chicken
Pairing/s: Guy/Meg
Summary: Guy bakes a cake for his and Meg's wedding.
Warnings: Crack!fluff.
Word Count: 1,183
Disclaimer: I don't own or make money off of this, I just torment the characters for cheap laughs, bla-di-bla-di-bla... Evil Chicken, however, belongs to me. >;)
Author's/Artist's Notes: First time writing Guy/Meg. Wanted to try something different. :D

Guy groaned, slapping a bit of sugary icing onto what was no doubt only a cake in an academic sense. )
melsheartsthings: (Default)
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Title: Crumbs of Hope
Author: [personal profile] melsheartsthings
Prompt: Crumbs
Rating: PG-13.
Character/s: Marian, Djaq. Mentions of Robin, Much, Allan and Will.
Pairing/s: Robin/Marian, Will/Djaq, implied one-sided, very much unrequited Djaq/Maz.
Summary: Djaq reflects on many things while operating on Marian in the cave in Sherwood on that hopeless, rainy day.
Warnings: Spoilers for the S1 finale, i guess? Character death, but not really.
Word Count: 382
Disclaimer: Robin Hood BBC and it's characters are the property of the BBC and Tiger Aspect. I do not own any of the rights to the show or the characters.
Author's Notes: there's a hint of unrequited, one sided femslash here. Also S1 finale spoilers. Maz/Djaq is something I never knew I wanted until recently.

'Robin..' Djaq begun, 'I'm sorry' and then she was cut off. )
shinysparks: (Sexy Alone Time)
[personal profile] shinysparks
Title: Parley!
Author: [personal profile] shinysparks
Prompt: “Rumor travels faster, but it don’t stay put as long as truth.”
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Guy, Robs, Archer
Pairing/s: Robin/Isabella (mentioned)
Summary: Guy, Robin and Archer have a little chat while awaiting execution for piracy on the deck of a crusader ship during the Fourth Crusade (in other words, AU.)
Warnings: Crackfic.
Word Count: 1,647
Disclaimer: I don't own or make money off of this, I just torment the characters for cheap laughs, bla-di-bla-di-bla...
Author's Notes: Basically, this is AU!crack that ignores the existence of 3x12-13. Everyone lives, goes their separate ways and then end up meeting up again during the Fourth Crusade.

This may be a prologue to a longer, future fic. :)

“Well... this seems oddly familiar...” Guy griped )
verjulesia: (GoG I don't like you)
[personal profile] verjulesia
Title: Loss
Author/Artist: [personal profile] verjulesia
Prompt: sword
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Guy
Summary: Guy has lost the things that matter most
Warnings: Mentions canon character death
Word Count: 809
Disclaimer: I own nothing, BBC and Tiger Aspect own all. No money is being made, no infringement intended.

Read more... )