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Title: Crumbs of Hope
Author: [personal profile] melsheartsthings
Prompt: Crumbs
Rating: PG-13.
Character/s: Marian, Djaq. Mentions of Robin, Much, Allan and Will.
Pairing/s: Robin/Marian, Will/Djaq, implied one-sided, very much unrequited Djaq/Maz.
Summary: Djaq reflects on many things while operating on Marian in the cave in Sherwood on that hopeless, rainy day.
Warnings: Spoilers for the S1 finale, i guess? Character death, but not really.
Word Count: 382
Disclaimer: Robin Hood BBC and it's characters are the property of the BBC and Tiger Aspect. I do not own any of the rights to the show or the characters.
Author's Notes: there's a hint of unrequited, one sided femslash here. Also S1 finale spoilers. Maz/Djaq is something I never knew I wanted until recently.

'Robin..' Djaq begun, 'I'm sorry' and then she was cut off. )