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Fic: Unrestrained

Title: Unrestrained
Author/Artist: [personal profile] lonespark
Prompt: 06, "Fever"
Rating: R for gratuitous sword-violence, and one word you can't say on television.
Character/s: Marian, Guy, Vaisey, Robin
Pairing/s: Marian/Guy
Summary: Blatant M/G wish-fulfillment fixit fic for 2x13, if you like your Guy kinda...fluffy(?) and your Marian extra violent and a little bit unhinged.
Warnings: Above-mentioned gratuitous stabbing/slashing/mutilation
Word Count: 948
Disclaimer: I don't own them, BBC and Tiger Aspect do. I just...tie them up and pour fake blood on them.
Author's/Artist's Notes: See summary. And major thanks to romayne for the beta.

"You said you would willingly give me your hand...and I do not believe you. You have always deceived me. Even now, you will not touch me. I would be both a fool and a monster to relish the idea of taking you as my wife, only for you to shrink from me."
"I thought that if I touched you, you would think I meant it as manipulation. And of course, I am restrained."
"Your lips are not restrained."

He sits on the wooden table and issues her a challenge. "If your offer is genuine, show me. Demonstrate to my satisfaction that you can enjoy...intimacy...between us."

"And then, what will you do? Will you kill the Sheriff?"
"No. I will never do that. I will set you free. If you truly mean it... show me. Please."

She draws a deep breath and crosses the room toward him. She is taller, when he sits thus. She lifts her right hand, and ghostly-soft, strokes his cheekbone with her thumb. He catches her hand in his and draws her closer. She leans down and meets his lips. Just one light kiss, but his eyes are closed, and he is trembling.

He does not have his sword, but she knows he will have daggers. Maybe she could grab one, and somehow fight, and flee? But where, and how? Robin Hood is dead, and the night is dark and foreign all around her. Whatever else Guy is, he can be warmth, protection, comfort... and if there's any chance at all of turning him, well, she must act the part.

He wraps his arms around her, and she kisses him more deeply. She winds her fingers in his hair and tastes his open mouth. He rarely shows teeth when he smiles, but she is acquainted with them now, and with his warm, caressing tongue. He meets her touch, returns it, but always lets her take the lead...or makes her take it. She is grateful to be in control, and yet... she might prefer not having to own these actions.

He stands up suddenly. "You need to get away," he says, drawing out the concealed key and loosing the iron cuffs that keep her captive. He walks her through one doorway, down a hall, and to an outer door, then kisses her gently, in farewell. It is time to go, but she leans into him, embraces him, plants hopeful promise kisses on his neck and hands...

"Guy, I hate the Sheriff."
"I know."
"I'll never stop trying to stop him."
"I know."
"No one's going to kill the king if I can stop it."
"I know."
"I don't hate you, though. I...could love you. Let me love you, please. Be the man that I can love."
"I don't believe I know how."
"Alright…but...please, try."
"Anything. Anything for this…for us. Now go."

And just then Vaisey, who was soundly sleeping, Guy made sure, steps into the lamplight, and wastes no time in calling guards. Guy whispers, "Run!" and she darts past him, into the night. The guards draw near the door, where Guy is blocking Vaisey's exit.

"Gisborne, I will make you regret this! Stop her, now!"
"No, I don't believe I will."
"Fine, you cunt-addled fool, stand aside, and I'll stop her."
"I don't believe I'll do that either... Marian, RUN! Don't look back!"

Really, by now he should know she doesn't take well to commands.

It's easy for her to see the guards, silhouetted as they are against the light from within, and difficult for them to see her, for all that this damned white robe reflects the light. She kicks one in the face and takes his sword.

The tangled webs of loyalty and love are hard to unravel. But this...this, she understands. Kick, punch, stab. Flip, roll, duck. Slash, block, spin. Dodge, parry, slash. Duck, stab, roll. Spin, flip, kick, spin...and, having left a trail of blood and chaos in her wake, she alights now near the spot where Vaisey stands, poised to cleave asunder his newly disloyal lieutenant.

He won't have the chance. She runs him through, from the back, twice. The second time she works the blade from side to side. There will be nothing left of that part of the monstrous puppetmaster where a good man's heart would be.

She moves to stand back to back to back with Guy, defending against all comers. They fend off two of the remaining men and the rest stand down, signalling their willingness to serve Guy henceforth. He dismisses them with a wave of his hand and sinks to the ground, drawing Marian with him and yielding to her fierce embrace.


...and of course Robin isn't dead, after all. Because what her wrung-out mind really needs is more shock and confusion. And of course he comes to find her. It's later, but not so much later that they've needed food or sleep or contact with the world outside. Not so much later that they've needed to let go.

And she's glad he's alive, really she is, and glad for Much and Little John and Allan and the rest... but she isn't ready to deal with them. Especially Robin. Especially like this.

"Marian, really!"
"Shut up Hood, you had your chance." She turns and slaps her hand over Guy's stupid mouth.
"The King's alive, Robin. Vaisey's dead. I killed him. I tried to get Gisborne to do it, but he's never had the stones."
"His blood's all over you..."
"Yeah." It is. And on Guy, too. The smell is awful, though she's barely noticed until now. Her grin turns feral, and she reaches for the clasps on Guy's jacket.
"Robin. Go celebrate and leave us alone."