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Title: Imperfect
Author: [personal profile] verjulesia 
Character(s): Marian, Guy
Word Count: 528
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing, Tiger Aspect and BBC do. No money being made, no infringement intended.
Summary: Marian hates the new outfit
A/N: I'm not best pleased with the ending, but I ran out of steam.

At first Marian thought to refuse Guy's offering. Though she did not take issue with the Saracen styling of the garments, she loathed the color. White. Perfect, pristine, virginal white.

Of course Guy would purchase something like this. How a man so evil could be so obsessed with purity boggled the mind. So did how he could not take a hint.

Marian had decided on ship that she'd had enough. She was tired of the game she played with Guy. She wasted her energy, anyway. He would not change. He would never be anything more than a follower, a lackey to the Sheriff, a dog to lick that troll's boots. And he had proven he would never find the good in himself. He didn't want to.

Time after time she had tried to show him his own potential. A few times he had lived up to it. But it never lasted. He always backslid. Because Guy was weak. He would always be weak and easily manipulated.

Marian had no respect for the sort of man Guy was, and now with Robin surely dead at the hands of the Sheriff's mercenaries, she tired of trying to find even a shred of anything at all for Guy. She was so tired. Tired of lying, tired of pretending, tired of holding hope when there was none, tired of being brave, tired of trying to anticipate the Sheriff, and tired to her bones of Guy of Gisborne.

She wanted to throw the clothes back in his face. The action itself would have been very satisfying. The shocked and hurt look on his face, that he would undoubtedly turn from her, his head hanging, muttering something about finding more appropriate garments. Maybe he would even realize it was not the garments she abhorred, but him. Perhaps he would feel some shame over the things he'd done.

But looking at Guy's face as he held the pieces up for her inspection took the pleasure from the thought of hurting him. He seemed very nervous, shy in a way that she had not seen before. He was not awkward in that way he had that made her cringe inwardly, but only seeking her approval. As Marian realized this, she also realized that as much as she might want to loathe Guy, she couldn't, and her hateful thoughts about him melted away.

There was something in him that stirred her. She knew herself well enough to know it was not his looks, although for many women that would be more than enough. No, it was something deeper in him, that thing she caught glimpses of, a bright and shining part of him that kept luring her back.

Now that shining thing prompted her to take the clothes he offered. She told herself it was really only because her current dress was falling apart and smelled horrific. But when he looked into her eyes for some positive sign, she knew it was not just that. It was the bright shining thing, tempting her to see how deep it went.

So she accepted his gift with a small smile, and told herself that the color didn't really matter.


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Oh, I like this. And I think your ending works very well, tying in nicely with the prompt.