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Hoodie Prompts: Apologies, and still interested?

Hi, all!

First of all, I apologize for just dropping out of sight without putting up an official hiatus for Hoodie Prompts, which was not my intent. Life got beyond crazy, but I should have made sure to do that.

Secondly, while I don't have the sort of time I used to, I thought I might reinstate a more laid-back version of Hoodie Prompts: one per month, no sign ups necessary, but keeping the masterlist at the end. However, I don't know who's still interested in writing (besides Jadey :D), so please give me some feedback here! :) If it seems that there's enough interest, we could get re-started on the first of May.

Hope you're all well!!
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HUGS! <3 Honestly, I could try. I know I said I was quitting, but the more I think about it, that would be like admitting defeat and allowing all that tumblr crap to beat me. My writing mojo still isn't 100%, but maybe I can get it back?
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That's what I think has actually happened with me: the tumblr stuff caused a very maaaaaaaajor writer's block with RH fic - probably the worst one I've ever experienced. I've been taking prompts at FB, trying to get my mojo back, but I can tell a difference now. There's one that's a Game of Thrones crossover where both Meg and Guy are very far out of character - Guy even has a bit of a sense of humor. *facepalm* I need to find my way back, I guess? So yeah, definitely - I'm up for some cheerleading! *dusts off the old leather pom-poms* :D
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That can happen. It's hard to get started after so long away from it. And hey, if you want to try to some RP with Guy, I'm game (though I can't promise he'll be totally in character because I'm still having issues there. :-/) Maybe just try to keep going and edit out what you hate later? <3

I started writing a random prompt generator, but I don't have enough prompts inputted into it for it to be all that useful yet (but I have plans. :D) You're welcome to try it, but so far, I haven't gotten it past that whole "scar people for life" phase. ;)
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Yeah, the tumblr thing messed me up because it showed me how others see Guy, and I've not been comfortable with it for various reasons. Sure, Guy can be a total jerk at times and does some damn despicable things, but it's hard for me not to show him some sympathy and understanding (and I'm certainly not going to judge him more harshly because of his gender and skin color because I just do not feel comfortable with that.) Besides, I think most people would end up more than a bit warped if their surrogate father figure ended up being the Sheriff. *shrugs* Trying to find my way back and find the character's voice again has been a bit tricky - especially when it comes to writing crack (which can be tricky in an of itself. If the comedic timing is off, the entire thing can fall flat and can be the difference from good crack and bad crack. :( )

Sounds like a good plan to me. Want to have a watch-along or something?

The prompt generator in progress is here: https://prompt-o-matic-c9-foxstars.c9.io/prompt.php It's not always running, though, but I'll try to leave it going for the next few hours, if you're around. Be warned: some of them get pretty cracky. And maybe a bit disturbing. The last one it gave me was "Marian; You made me drink piss?" *facepalm*
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HUGS! Yeah, me too. I think the problem with tumblr is that it was never intended to be a platform for discussion at all - it's just been manipulated into one. One conversation can be split off into several branches, making it nearly impossible to follow along. The sad thing is, the site itself would be a great place for sharing art and stuff, but it's nearly impossible not to get sucked into the darker side. I've experienced some nasty stuff there more than once, and I've seen some really horrible behavior as well (I actually reported someone once over it - I wasn't even involved - but it was very clear cyber-bullying. The tumblr mods ended up quickly removing the person's account over it. So, I actually have a high level of respect for those running the site, but the general atmosphere there is just not a positive one. It reminds me of deviantart in many ways, and that's definitely not a good thing. :-/)

YES! I'm up for that. I'm usually around in the evenings until late. :)

I'm glad the prompt generator helped! WOOT! I ended up expanding it and I have it running live here: http://promptomatic.doomtwinkie.net/ I think I have most of the popular ships and characters covered, and you can specify them now (meaning, if you wanted just Robin or Robin/Marian prompts, all you have to do is click on their name.) I've gotten some fun ones myself:

Guy/Meg; You're worse than me. I like that.
Guy; You made me drink piss?
Archer: I love you
Guy; This isn't what it looks like.
Archer; Cuddle with me
Meg; Oh, just to be in the warm glow of all this testosterone.

Not sure what's up with needy!Archer, though. ;)
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I've been talking myself into giving up, or certainly easing off, writing RH fanfic this year. My plan is to finish Outlaw Guy, tidy up a couple of old fics that I've been meaning to tidy up and then move onto pastures new, maybe original fic.

However, I think I could be tempted to write something short and sweet if a suitable prompt comes up, so I won't say no at this point. And I'll certainly be happy to cheer you and Shiny on if you decide to give it a go.

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Real life. It does that!

I am cautiously interested, but only in a laid back thing. Once a month might work.