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Title: Scuppered
Author: [personal profile] jadey36
Prompt: Fog
Rating: PG
Character/s: Tuck
Pairing/s: n/a
Summary: It's not all plain sailing for Tuck
Warnings: None
Word Count: 198
Disclaimer: Robin Hood belongs to Tiger Aspect and the BBC. No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved. The characters of Robin Hood belong to legend; I'm just playing with them for my amusement.
Author's Notes: ep1, s3, Total Eclipse


The moment they hit the shallows, Tuck jumped out the rowing boat. With a hefty shove, he pushed the bow of the small wooden vessel around so it faced in the direction of the larger boat anchored farther out to sea. Then, slinging his leather bag over his shoulder, he waded through the cold seawater until he reached the shoreline. Crouching, he scooped up a handful of gravel. “England.” Stiffly standing, Tuck eyed the nearby trees. “I will find him.”

“Row faster,” the chief oarsman hissed at his companions. “We don’t want that sword-wielding monk to know we got lost in the fog. He might come after us and demand his coin back, or worse.”

“He wouldn’t hurt us though, would he?” the youngest of the three boatmen asked, his oar smacking into the choppy seawater. “He’s a man of God. Besides, this could be England for all we know.” Glancing over his shoulder, the young boatman could just make out Tuck’s dark-skinned face and closely cropped black hair. He could also make out the upraised fist and hear Tuck’s angry curses, rising above the fresh sea breeze.

“Definitely not England,” the chief oarsman said. “Row faster!”
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Oh, Tuck. Pick a merchant vessel or something next time, why don't you? Finding Robin isn't easy, especially when you're traveling far to reach him.. Heck, it isn't easy to find him even in England..

Great story, dear. Short and to the point...also hilarious. Plus this makes me want to watch S3 just a little bit.
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Great! Tuck fic makes me more excited about making it S3.
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Oh, you're just getting to S3? I hope you report back!
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lol!! The whole thing's really funny, but what's striking me as the funniest part of the scenario is, allowing that this actually did precede 3x01, he then said the exact same words when he did reach England-- like it was his mental script, or something. ;)

Love it!
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It'd be a different start, that's for sure!

Kind of as an aside, I actually thought Tuck had a lot of potential at the beginning and they didn't follow through on that at all, so I've always hoped someone would write a fic that did better by him, and fleshed out his background more. (I'd write it, myself, but I haven't been able to come up with anything I really thought would accomplish that.)
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Haha! I'll cut the hands some slack, maybe it was England, just the wrong darn side of it! I'd be wary of Tuck, too. He's awfully intense.

Well done!
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Ha! Awesome : )