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Hoodie Prompts #2

Title: Crawling Back
Author/Artist: [personal profile] verjulesia
Prompt: fog
Rating: G
Character/s: Will, Allan
Pairing/s: none
Summary: Will knows something is not right
Warnings: none
Word Count: 453
Disclaimer: I own nothing, Tiger Aspect, BBC do. No infringement intended, no money is being made.
Author's/Artist's Notes: set between 1x12-1x13

Will Scarlett cursed under his breath. The heavy fog that had settled over the forest after the rain made for slow going. He could barely see his hand in front of his face, much less make out any landmarks that would lead them back to the part of Sherwood they needed to be in.
The hem of his cloak tugged backward as Allan slowed down yet again. He'd latched on to Will once they realized the fog wasn't going to burn off right away. It was a good idea to stick together, Will admitted that. Otherwise they might both get hopelessly lost and lose track of each other in the bargain. But Allan's lagging behind began to grate on Will's nerves. They had to hurry.
"Keep up, Allan!" Will snapped over his shoulder.
Allan grumbled behind him, something about the fog and how he might trip and break his leg or something. He couldn't even see the trees, how was he supposed to find the path?
"Why are you in such a hurry, anyway?" Will's cloak pulled taut for a moment, then fell loose again. Allan had stopped and let go of him. Will could imagine him just standing there, one hand out and the other on his hip in that way he thought made him look like he was the only one with any sense at all.
"Are you that excited to get back and explain all this to Robin?" Allan's voice drifted through the mist. Will was almost glad they couldn't see each other for the thick fog. He was sure his guilt over trying to steal the stash was plain on his face. His cheeks burned in shame at nearly going along with Allan's plan.
Thinking about it made him both sickly ashamed and hotly angry at the same time. He blamed himself for being so easily led. It wasn't really Allan's fault, selfishness was just his nature. Allan had been on his own for so long, he didn't really know how not to be self-serving. He never had much family or any friends to support him. The family he'd had turned out to be worse than he was.
But that wasn't the point. They needed to get back to the gang. Will couldn't say why; it was just a feeling. A nagging feeling that turned his stomach with dread. Something terrible was happening, or going to happen, and the others needed their help.
"We just need to get back, that's all. Come on, keep up." With an exasperated grunt Allan took hold of Will's cloak again. Will picked up his pace.
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So, was happily reading about Will and Allan lost in the fog, and then we get the timeframe, and then bam! "Something terrible was happening, or going to happen..." And suddenly the fog slowing them down is so not a good thing. I've had that feeling once or twice in my life and, yes, bad things did happen, so I know how Will feels here *shivers*

Excellent use of the prompt!