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Fic: Doorway

Title: Doorway
Author: [personal profile] shinysparks
Prompt: #09; photo
Rating: PG
Character/s: Guy, Meg
Pairing: Guy/Meg
Summary: Vague sequel to The Cake is a Lie. Guy trims the hedge and Meg inspects his work.
Warnings: Crack.
Word Count: 140
Disclaimer: I don't own or make money off of this, I just torment the characters for cheap laughs, bla-di-bla-di-bla...
Author's note: Based on my first thought when I saw the prompt photo and yes, I have a naughty mind. ;)

Meg stared at the long, rectangular doorway with the rounded top that Guy had ever-so-proudly cut into the hedge that surrounded their forest home. She shook her head, noting the the two large stones he’d cleverly set at each side for decoration, before she eyed him curiously. He stood next to her, grinning from ear to ear, clearly satisfied with his work.

“What do you think?” He asked, still smiling.

Meg paused for a moment, and when she didn’t immediately praise him, his face fell and he shrugged.

“Alright, what’s wrong?” He asked.
“It’s... it’s fine, Guy.” She said, forcing a smile. “Really.”
“No, it isn’t.” He said. “I know that look, Meg. Just say it, okay?”

Meg sighed.

“Fine.” She said in a huff. “You do realize our new doorway looks almost exactly like a giant penis, don’t you?”
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hee, hee. So, now I've gone to have another look at the pic and, needless to say, I'm going to find it difficult to think of anything else now I have that image in my mind!