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Hoodie Prompts: Let's go!

Okay, it looks like RL is finally approaching something resembling a schedule. While I'd been aiming for putting up a prompt the first of each month, I should be able to post one each Friday, though I can't necessarily guarantee a specific time. I'm also playing around with making and updating one masterlist, as opposed to a new one each prompt, since we don't really amass enough fic to require several lists. The new masterlist should be up late tonight (my time) or sometime tomorrow.

Sooo... the new prompt will be up momentarily! :)
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Got a lot going on at the moment, so may be a bit hit and miss with this, certainly in the foreseeable future. Also, I'd like to finish up writing Outlaw Guy**(one or two more chapters to go) and don't think I'll have time for anything else (though a quick drabble or ficlet is not out of the question). Anyway, just thought I'd let you know where I stand.

Glad to hear life has calmed down a bit for you.

** Of course, I might be able to fit a prompt into the next chapter or two!

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Great idea! I'd like to come back to this week's prompt at some point.

"hit and miss" - no, not intentional. I have the dvd and must rewatch some time.