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May. 23rd, 2014

railise: (Robs - legend)
[personal profile] railise
Okay, it looks like RL is finally approaching something resembling a schedule. While I'd been aiming for putting up a prompt the first of each month, I should be able to post one each Friday, though I can't necessarily guarantee a specific time. I'm also playing around with making and updating one masterlist, as opposed to a new one each prompt, since we don't really amass enough fic to require several lists. The new masterlist should be up late tonight (my time) or sometime tomorrow.

Sooo... the new prompt will be up momentarily! :)
hoodieprompts: (Default)
[personal profile] hoodieprompts
Welcome to the twenty-second round of Hoodie Prompts! :)

This week's prompt is: "That could have gone better..."

Anyone who wants to write/create art for this prompt can do so without signing up. Fanworks for this prompt can be posted at any time. Please make sure to read over the updated explanatory post before posting. Any questions can be made by commenting to that post, or by PM'ing me.

Have fun! :)
hoodieprompts: (Default)
[personal profile] hoodieprompts
This is an index of all fanworks created for Hoodie Prompts. New fanworks may be submitted for any of these prompts at any time. Please see the explanatory post for complete details.

Quick Links
1: Sword | 2: Fog | 3: Rumor and Truth quote | 4: Crumbs | 5: Bonus | 6: Fever | 7: Tide | 8: Genius | 9: Hedge-maze image | 10: Perfume | 11: Color | 12: Bellows | 13: Cage image | 14: Beggar | 15: Fair | 16: Hour | 17: Stagger | 18: Violet | 19: Second Chance | 20: Look Closely | 21: Visitor | 22: Could've Gone Better

Series from Hoodie Prompts
Outlaw Guy by [personal profile] jadey36 | Curses! by [personal profile] shinysparks

complete index beneath the cut )