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Crumbs of Hope

Title: Crumbs of Hope
Author: [personal profile] melsheartsthings
Prompt: Crumbs
Rating: PG-13.
Character/s: Marian, Djaq. Mentions of Robin, Much, Allan and Will.
Pairing/s: Robin/Marian, Will/Djaq, implied one-sided, very much unrequited Djaq/Maz.
Summary: Djaq reflects on many things while operating on Marian in the cave in Sherwood on that hopeless, rainy day.
Warnings: Spoilers for the S1 finale, i guess? Character death, but not really.
Word Count: 382
Disclaimer: Robin Hood BBC and it's characters are the property of the BBC and Tiger Aspect. I do not own any of the rights to the show or the characters.
Author's Notes: there's a hint of unrequited, one sided femslash here. Also S1 finale spoilers. Maz/Djaq is something I never knew I wanted until recently.

The cave was absolutely the worst place to perform a surgery, Djaq knew, but she had no other choice. The sheriff was looking for them with his entire private army at his back and to be anywhere but the cave was just too dangerous. She had to work in the less than ideal conditions and if she was being fair in her thoughts, it was at least a small degree better than the desert field hospitals she'd done so much of her training and work in back home. And now despite her best efforts, Marian was slipping away. Whatever Pitts had given her was too strong for Djaq's work to conuteract and with every moment, she felt the pulse of Marian's heartbeat weaken under
her well-practiced physician's hands. And then it stopped and she stood up to face Robin, the man who loved Marian even more than Djaq had come to. "Robin," she begun to apologize, "I'm sorry."

But she was cut off. Cut off by so many emotions she did not know how to name them all.
And then she was back at Marian's side, pounding a balled fist against the pale English beauty's chest, and when Much commented on it, she just stated, emotionally, "She's beyond pain now."

Djaq had thought she'd lost Marian, not just to Robin, but to death and the tiny crumbs of hope she'd been hanging onto died a violent death. But then Marian sputtered out a few coughing breaths even as Djaq continued pounding her balled fist against the other woman's chest and the crumbing ashes of the ('wrong') fire that Djaq had thought burnt out leapt back to life. And then Robin was there and he was kissing Marians and the crumbs of a relationship Djaq had hoped for fell again. And then the Sheriff was taunting them and they were rushing off to meet him in battle. And then Will and Allan returned, turning the hopeless, already lost battle into a victory. But Djaq didn't feel much like celebrating, not when she'd lost all hope of any relationship -secret or brazen-with Marian. She picked up a few small stones and tossed them away like the crumbs she'd thrown into the deep place in her soul where she'd buried Safiyya after her father's death.

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Aww, sad. Yes, I can see how Djaq might feel this way about Marian. After all, both women were strong in their own ways. I wish there'd been a bit more dialogue between them in the show.