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railise: (Hoodie Prompts)
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Another great round! Here is our entry for the tenth Hoodie Prompt, perfume:

Scent of Deceit, by [personal profile] verjulesia: Marian discovers the perfect weapon in the plot to play a booby.

The AO3 subcollection for this prompt can be found here, and please let me know if you want to post to it and need help. :)
verjulesia: (Default)
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Title: Scent of Deceit
Author/contributor:[personal profile] verjulesia 
Prompt: Hoodie prompt 10: perfume
Character(s): Marian, mention Guy, the Sheriff, a German booby
Rating: G
Word Count: 821
Disclaimer: I own nothing, Tiger Aspect, BBC do. No money is being made, not copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Marian discovers the perfect weapon in the plot to play a booby

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railise: (Hoodie Prompts)
[personal profile] railise
Welcome to the tenth round of Hoodie Prompts! :)

This week's prompt is: perfume.

Anyone who wants to write/create art for this prompt needs to sign up by commenting to this post. Sign-ups will close tomorrow at 12:00pm Eastern, and fanworks can be posted anytime between then (Saturday at noon) until Thursday at 9:00pm Eastern. Please make sure to read over the explanatory post before posting; any questions can be made to that post (not this one, please) or by PM'ing me.

Have fun!! :)

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