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Apr. 7th, 2011 03:57 pm
railise: (Robin - aiming)
[personal profile] railise
The show may be over, but fandom for the BBC's Robin Hood lives on-- and here's a home for it at Dreamwidth! Here are some basics to follow at the community (which can also be found on the profile page):


-Play nice!!!
-Use proper tags and headers. See below for guidelines.
-Use cuts, if your post contains images or is more than a paragraph or two long. If you're not sure how to do a cut, see here.
-Glitter text or other flashing graphics must be behind a cut, with a warning outside of the cut.

-Non-Robin Hood roles, public appearances, or official news regarding the cast and crew (no personal or private information, please)
-Anything else within reason

-Bashing-- This applies to everyone, real or fictional, involved with the community, having to do with the show, or none of the above. Discussion is allowed; bashing is not.

(Rules adapted from [ profile] robinsociety.)

Fic Header Guidelines:
-Fic headers go outside of a cut. Fics themselves go inside a cut.
-All fics should have at least a title, rating, characters and pairings, summary, all applicable warnings, and disclaimer. Word counts and potential spoiler warnings for new fans of the show are appreciated.
-Please keep cut text or teaser text a reasonable length.

Tagging Guidelines:
~~Please use all that apply, and check the tags list before creating a new tag.~~
-What a post is: discussion, fanfiction, fanart: icons, fanart: wallpapers, fanmix, fanvid, news, pimping - et cetera
-Whom it concerns: characters, pairing, cast or crew member, your username if it's a fanwork
-Basic warnings: rating of a fanwork (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17), NSFW - and so forth

Any questions or comments can be sent via PM to [personal profile] railise. :)